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Global Civic School

Global Civic School(Global Citizenship Education)

Global Civic School, developed by Global Civic Sharing, is an education program to produce a global citizen. It is open to all global citizens. In a global village where people are rapidly becoming members of one family beyond the national borders, Global Civic School has been teaching

  • 01To know that I share this time and age with my global village neighbors,
  • 02To examine the global issues each of us faces; and,
  • 03To realize that we all are citizens of this global village and world,

Since the year 2000.

Global Civic School promotes correct understanding of other cultures and a heart that values sharing. Anyone can participate regardless of whether you are a college student, adolescent, or an adult. There are lectures and workshops.

Global Civic School aims to help people form right perspectives and awareness towards developing countries, understand disparate sufferings of this age in the form of poverty, environmental destruction, human rights and peace, wrestle with them to find the path forward, and finally act upon them and continue sharing in these various aspects.