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Income Generation

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Income Generation

Global Civic Sharing is carrying out various income generation projects, such as Micro-credit and Agricultural Support/Training, to help the people of developing countries escape from the vicious cycle of poverty through their own strength.

Related Countries : Vietnam, Mongolia, Timor Leste, Myanmar, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia

  • Micro-credit
    By providing unsecured micro-loans, we assist the poor families in developing countries to achieve their economic independence. Our micro-credit projects include Cattle Bank, Sidecar/Motorcycle Bank, and other varieties that provide seed money for agricultural and livestock improvement, and small business start-up.
  • Agricultural Support/Training
    Agricultural Support/Training
    In order to increase the farmers' income by improving their agricultural productivity and introducing cash crops into their subsistence farming, we run demonstration farms, support farmers with agricultural inputs, help famers organize themselves into cooperatives, and train them with new agricultural technologies, how to run the cooperatives, and some basic financial know-hows.
  • Micro-saving
    Most poor people in developing countries lack both the knowledge about saving and the access to banking institution. We help these people realize how important it is to save for the future, provide them with an easy access to saving mechanism, and encourage them to save regularly and design their own future with this saving habit by incentivizing saving in various ways.
  • Small Business Support
    Small Business Support
    Mostly targeted toward extremely poor households who have neither the entrepreneurial capacity nor capital to start a micro-business, we provide them with basic business training, seed money, and post start-up monitoring so they can maintain a profitable business and improve their livelihood.
  • Social Enterprise Support
    Social Enterprise Support
    We also help local people to set up and profitably run a village enterprise or a cooperative suitable for their local business environment, so they can generate jobs that will in turn help more people escape poverty.